Saturday, July 2, 2011

Math 1510 Lattice Multiplication - Is it really easier?

Growing up I learned how to multiply only one way, column multiplication.  As I work in a school and finish my elementary education degree, I am learning many new ways of how to teach students multiplication.  One method that I found interesting, yet I am still unsure of, is lattice multiplication.
Lattice multiplication is algorithimically the same as regular long multiplication.  This method breaks the process into smaller steps.  Some students find this method easier to use for multiplication.  The lattice method can also be used for decimals.  This method can be used for students who have a hard time grasping place value with the column method. 
I am excited to find alternate algorithms for math so that all students can find a way to grasp math concepts.  This way students can find a method that works effectively and efficiently for them.  As a future teacher, I will continue to investigate alternate algorithms that will help students.

Here are two websites that has more information and problems for students regarding lattice multiplication.

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