Monday, June 20, 2011


My head is swimming with numbers as I go to bed at night.  As I take these math classes, I hope that I am learning everything that I can so that I can teach math to students not only in the best way, but also in a way that the students can find math fun. Math and numbers can seem so overwhelming at times not only for me as an adult, but also for younger students.

Math is such an important part of life.  There is some type of math involved in everyday life.  We all need to have a basic understanding of numbers and math no matter what age we are.  When we go to the grocery store, go out to eat at a restaurant, figure our how many hours in takes to do homework or how many people are coming over for dinner, we are always using numbers and math.

There are many types of numbers involved in math.  I had to re-learn what are integers, natural numbers and whole numbers.  I was reminded what the properties of addition were.  The identity property, the inverse property, the commutative property and associative property are all a part of math.

Manipulatives are an essential element in helping students learn math.  Many people agree that manipulatives can help children of all ages grasp math concepts easier.  Manipulatives give students a chance to explore, discover and apply new mathematical ideas and concepts.  I hope to learn more ideas on how to use manipulatives in the classroom to help students with math.

Here is a website I found that explains more about manipulatives:

Here is a video I found that explains more about manipulatives:

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