Monday, June 20, 2011

Math 1512/ Helping students learn to analyze data?!?!?!?

What an overwhelming obstacle this seems like.  Working in a kindergarten classroom I have come to realize that one of the one most important aspects that is taught is which way to read a graph.  Do you start at the top or bottom?  Do you read the graph from left to right or right to left?  This seems fairly easy compared to the more complex data displays that we have been learning in Math 1512.

During my pedagogy course, I got to teach lessons on how to make single bar graphs in fourth grade.  When I taught the lessons I decided to use the smartboard in the classroom.  This technology is a awesome asset to the classroom.  I would have the students come up and add to the graph while answering different questions regarding the graph.  The smartboard is a great tool to keep students interested in the materials that they are learning while still having some fun while doing it.

There has to be many other ideas and examples of how to make analyzing data interesting and fun so that students can retain the information.  I found that connecting to information such as their favorite foods, sports etc... helped to grab their attention and interest.

I found this website that gave some good ideas:

This website had interactive math tools and activites for kids and teacher:

This video explains how to use data from students to keep them engaged:

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