Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Math 1510/ Fractions! Do students hit the panic button?

I know as a student a long time ago, whenever fractions came up in math, I would panic.  I don't know if was really that hard but just the sight of different fractions really freaked me out.
Recently I was completing a college course in a fourth grade room during math when fractions were the next section to be discussed.  The teacher in the room warned me that students have a tendency to dislike fractions.  When she started on the section I could see the confusion and panic in their eyes.  I guess it was not just me that had the same feeling.

 I think that are many ways we can help students learn fractions without hitting the panic button.  The teacher in the room I helped in used a smart board to give students visuals to help understand how to add and subtract fractions.  She used pizza, fish, pie and many others to not only gain interest but gain comprehension of the subject.  She also had a bulletin board that students could work on anytime of the school day as extra practice. 

Here a few websites that make fractions a little more fun!

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