Monday, July 18, 2011

Math 1510/ Why can't I remember how to put together Roman Numerals?

 While working on a chapter in my college math class, I was learning how to write and count with Roman Numerals.  At first I thought, "no problem".  I have used Roman Numerals before and I see them used quite a bit.  This was not the case.  I had problems right away.  So much for being easy.
I feel that having a chart like above will help students (including me) understand Roman Numerals better.  It is important to understand Roman Numerals since they are used more than we think in real life.  There are different rules that also go along with Roman Numerals.
1. Subtract ONLY powers of 10.  Such as I,X or C.
2. Subtract only a single letter from a single numeral.
3. Do not subtract a letter more than 10 times greater.
Having the chart and rules posted somewhere in the classroom will help students understand Roman Numerals and eventually retain what the symbols are and the value. 
Here is a link to a video that teaches students about Roman Numerals with music:
 Roman Numerals

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