Monday, July 18, 2011

Math 1512/ Ratios ARE IMPORTANT for students to learn!

 What are ratios?  A ratio is an ordered pair of numbers used to show a comparison between like or unlike quantities.  Ratios can be written different ways.
 Ratios are such an important thing for students to learn but can also be difficult to grasp.  Why are they so important to learn?  Ratios are used in everyday life whether we know it or not.  This is one reason it is important for students to learn and understand ratios.
One way for students to comprehend ratios is by manipulating real life objects.  These objects can range from blocks to food items.  By using some type of manipulative, it will help students deal with the concept of ratios and create a wider understanding of ratios.
Teachers could also use learning ratios as a cooperative project in the classroom.  I feel that students can gain a better understanding by writing what they know about ratios, and verbally share and discuss with the class information about ratios. 
Here is a link to a video that simply explains ratios to beginning learners:

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