Thursday, July 21, 2011

Math 1512/ Mean, Median and Mode

 When I first started back to college to complete my elementary education degree, I took some math refresher classes to make sure that I remembered everything that I needed to.  That was one of the best decisions that I made.  I found out there was many concepts of math that I quite didn't remember or comprehend. 
One of concepts that I had trouble remembering was how to solve figuring out the mean, median and mode.  Once we started solving problems for the mean, median and mode it all came back to me.  I think that I could have remembered it better if in high school or early college days I had some fun and interesting ways to think of the concepts.  Most of the time it was only textbook or worksheets that we worked on. 
Now we have so many different options to help students not only learn these concepts but also become engaged learners and retain the information presented to them.  Through cooperative learning projects, computer websites and videos, we can help students retain materials that they will need later on in the future.  
Here is a fun video that is fun and interesting that can help students learn these concepts:
Here is a fun website that is interactive for students:

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