Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Math 1512/ Measuring; What does a pint equal to again?

SALE Measurement Conversion Chart Magnet Cute Puppy Dog Chef DesignThis is similar to a chart that I have hanging up in my kitchen. I love to cook and bake and sometimes have to refer to the chart with different recipes.  I realize that all measurement does not only have to do with cooking but also length, weight, time and capacity.  All of these are important for students to learn since they are used almost every day. 

This conversion table will help students understand the different measurements that might be used in our world today.  I have a hard time remembering them all myself, so we can't expect students to remember them all of the time either. 
I think that within a measurement unit, a class could do many cooperative learning projects.  From learning how to convert within a cooking recipe to creating a garden for the school.  I am sure there are many ideas out there. 
Here is a fun interactive computer website to help students learn measurements:


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